New beginning at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: July 1, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on New beginning at SCIT

I was travelling from Bangalore to Pune with mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness, to start new journey of my life MBA at SCIT . And then reaching Symboisis infotech campus from Swargate to Hingewadi watching surroundings in the early morning, its almost like Bangalore atmosphere so it made me feel like home. First day in Campus is always a special one,the first view of college as a student is forever remembered. Slowly i started having interaction with people in Campus. During hostel registration there was a little fear in my mind because its was first time i will be staying away from home. June 5th was our Induction program, it gave kick start to make us more aware about college, professors and facilities in college which cleared most of my doubts.Induction program is also a day where you get excited to see your batch mates and so i was. Everyone dressed in formals reminded me of office days but later i realized hereafter this is how its gonna be. Initials emails form college is always expected to be related to Academic but we get email regarding two day outing to Surya Shibir : and this was an add on to the excitement. Early morning we gathered at the main gate and then i hear the word “Attendence” ,i had heard it 3 years ago. Slowly i was transforming from IT professional to student. It was a great feeling but still a little nervousness in me. On the way to Surya shibir crossing by the mountains was mind refreshment.We were asked to play amazing games based on team builing activities and the mentors kept on to making us realize the lessons behind each team building activity. Within no time many of us became friends. After Surya Shibir we all were happy but tired. Spending quality time during team building activities made me feel as if i know my batchmates for more than a year. In between the nature and river crossing by, while returning back to college was a relaxation time because the the most beautiful for eyes to see and relax is nature and everyone loves nature’s beauty. Class in SCIT started with induction program with Guest leatures and then there was announcement of Samarabh. Best part of SCIT was with so many team builiding activities and preparation for Samarabh and being part of Social activity, accepting the new place and adjusting with new people has been simple till date.