Prepare Yourself for Contribution to High Value Added IT Offerings!

By Administrator 123erty

Last fifteen years have been a witness to the great evolution of Indian IT industry, particularly, in service arena. The robust growth in IT service rendering has been a talk of all forums at national and international levels. However, those, who had been associated closely with Indian IT industry, have their reservation on the sustainability of this growth saga. Recent serial economic downturns have threatened the Indian dream of remaining an unchallenged leader in global IT services market. Moreover, the creative abilities of Indian youth are remain underutilized in routine service sector unless the organizations venture out in new challenging domains.
There is an urgent and strong need for India to climb high on IT value ladder. Several Indian organizations have taken the initiatives with some obvious hiccups and are seriously looking forward to create a space for themselves in IT products, technologies and high-end services areas. A major limitation that emerges in this endeavor of Indian IT companies is the lack of skilled manpower. Positioning in high-end value offerings in IT needs not only engineering prowess but sharp management insights also. Right from understanding of market to positioning, R&D to realization, design to implementation, technology to solution and project to product lines – nothing can be ignored for management of high-end IT offerings. These capabilities need a fine tuning between engineering and management knowledge. Knowledge of technology and engineering alone is insufficient without its orientation towards the business management.

Software Solution Management stream of MBA ITBM programme aims to develop the holistic capabilities in individuals that would help them in managing high value offerings in the rapidly changing world of IT. Electives under this stream open up the world of technology management, project and product management and business implications of solution designing to the learners. Courses in Technology Management Domain focus on the process from inception to realization of technology products and some emerging technologies in IT domain. Courses on project and product management prepare learners for management of single solution development projects to product line development. Courses on business implications of solution designing aim to make you realize the potential of design and architecture in achieving market success.

Come, join and get ready to elevate Indian IT industry capabilities to match their international counterparts. On the other hand, being skilled equivalent to your global counterparts will always give you an edge in large international giants for the reason of the low cost and high capabilities. 

This is the time when the world around us must change. 

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