Dr. Sharad Kale the renowned Environmentalist talking to SCIT students

By Administrator 123erty

Academic year 2018-20 began at SCIT with the usual fanfare. The day after the opening day also happened to be world environment day. And who else is better suited to address our students on this occasion other than Dr. Sharad Kale of the Satyamev Jayate fame? Dr. Sharad Kale has been quietly leading a green revolution in Maharashtra. Dr. Kale’s campaign is against the urban waste. He is encouraging people everywhere to reduce the waste generation and also to recycle as much waste as possible at the source of its generation, which is at home itself. His concept biogas plant could convert kitchen waste into cooking gas. After an hour-long appeal to reduce waste Dr. Kale led the audience through a series of oaths to reduce all kinds of waste and to undertake regenerative activities rather than destructive tasks. He also urged to reduce/stop the use of plastic.