Outbound programme experience

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When these words first encountered my ears, my first reaction was fun. But we eventually the day came for out bound training, I started to capture the basic essence of it, which was much beyond recreation and fun. What exactly outbound training is? The answer to this kept on evolving with every passing hour.
For some it could be the team building exercise, quite valid enough as you get to interact with people who are from length and breadth of India having immense talent and possessing unmatchable abilities or rather done things in their past which you could have never dared to try.For the other bunch of people it could be testing your physical and mental strength, by playing games which required these qualities either individually or intermingled.
But for me there were two things which intrigued me the most, out of which one was spending two days in a remote location without a cellphone,not because you don’t own one, but because there is no mobile network, therefore no inquisitiveness caused due to social media, and most importantly you can be yourself.
And the last thing that is somewhat linked to my first observation, is what I felt or rather what thoughts that went through my mind when I saw a shepherd, while I was trekking on treacherous path and weather wearing my branded shoes, shades and cap ,we can say I carried all the things which could comfort me on my way. The clothes he was wearing would not even come under a category of rags for me and rubber slippers which are very uncomfortable for us even if you have to wear while you are walking on a leveled road ,imagine a slope with slipping rocks and pebbles. But he had one thing which non of us had and that was smile.
We were all busy cursing the sun, the heat that it brought along, lack of water, difficult terrain, but this random shepherd who didn’t know my language was happy and contended seeing his goats grazing in the open field while he was sitting on top of the rock over viewing a river which eventually falls into the dam.
The bell that was tied around the goats neck made tinkling sound with every movement of its and filled the surrounding with a mesmerizing sound,which intern rang the bell of my heart which asked to take away the lesson from my scrutiny that man should not always entangle himself to the enigmatic world which is becoming materialistic day by day and rather should also find some time to do things which actually make him smile from the heart and when that happens then we can say we are happy. So don’t mind asking yourself a simple question are you happy? If no,then do something that makes you smile.