SCIT’s outbound program for batch 2015-17

By Administrator 123erty



As I was about to join SCIT after the induction program, I felt that like other colleges, routine studies would start within a few days. But, SCIT had    planned something different for us. It was an enthralling outbound visit to a place called Suryashibir, which seemed like a heaven on earth to me. I would herein like to share my experience at the place with you.


      It was a bit bumpy ride of about 2-2.5 hrs ,but time passed away quickly as students in the bus got to know each other and sang songs. There was   a boy also who was an expert shayar. Suryashibir is a mystic place away    from the hustle-bustle of the main city Pune. It has a rich diversity of flora  and fauna, rarely found elsewhere.   Location is remote and on the backwards of dam – this can be very beautiful after rainy season.

 Reaching the place:  

There ,we met  an extremely friendly army General ,along with his team ,who organised the event for 2 days for about 200 students. We got             to play a lot of team building, adventurous games like balance the ball against our back, one leg race, sheep shepherd game with our                eyes   blindfolded(which taught us valuable lessons of life like trust, coordination).There were a few crazy games also like chariot race. For            all games,  one member from each  team was told about the game, who then explained the same to his team members, helping build                           understanding ,communication, cooperation skills among them. Cob web and the  Aishwarya games were physically challenging  ,based on          strategy which  required us to lift and pass our team members through different levels of a swing to the other end.

The next day, we went on a 4 km long trek ,which was quite enjoyable. We ate lots of jamuns, mangoes at the top. Then after lunch, we                  got to  interview our friends in groups of three, and then introduce them to other  students, which helped us know each other much better.                Our creativity   skills were also honed, when we had to design their caricatures, and  a banner for SCIT.


Finally, the two day long trip came to an end by evening.  Many of my friends might think that such a trip in  a management course is futile, and  rather academic course should be started straightaway. But I found this to be the best way possible to teach us basic management skills such as    leadership, team skills , cooperation, by means of fun activities and enjoyable games. Overall it was a cherishable experience that I would remember  forever and I express my sincere gratitude to SCIT authorities for providing us such a start to the program.