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Published On: August 4, 2017Categories: Default0 Comments on DONATE BLOOD. SAVE LIFE.

A skit was organized on 25th of July, 2017 here, in SCIT campus by the SCHC (Symbiosis Center for Health Care) students. Symbiosis is all set to organize a Blood Donation Drive (BDD) on 31st July 2017, on the occasion of International Students Day. They performed a skit related to the same. Through their spectacular performance, they brought into light, the ignorance of today’s youth. The performers enacted a few situations which showed how people, especially the younger generation, is indifferent towards the social issues and is occupied with pointless arguments. They also said that they expect a 100% participation from students’ part. They made the students realize that just by donating a little amount of blood, they can be a real big help for someone who is in a dire need of it. Driven with great enthusiasm and vigor, the performers encouraged students to donate selflessly as few drops of blood can be a life savior for someone.