Security Fundamentals in Business Organisations

By Administrator 123erty

The Saturday morning, on 29th of July, started off with a pleasant session on Security Fundamentals in Business Organisations. The guest of the day was Mr. Gaurav Deshpande, Sales Leader, IBM. Incidentally, Mr. Deshpande is an alumnus of SCIT, and maintains a great rapport with the college. He discussed at length, about the fundamentals of security, its management, and operations in business organisations. He brought along a personal perspective of how technological era has been shifting and setting trends as – Data, Cloud, and Individual engagement. Data set the basis, Cloud paved the path and Individual engagement is where we are heading towards, he added.


The examples from life experiences and industry insights made the session vibrant. The mention of IoT and ransomware, stirred the crowd as they embraced the concept of cyber security. The speaker touch based upon the various security drivers of the industry – advanced attacks, human error, innovation, compliance and skill gap. The statistics mentioned about 4+ billion attacks that happened in 2016, across the world. It drove home a point as he explained how it takes an average of 201 days to figure out what went wrong in a cyber-attack, and the amount of money that’s poured into it!


Mr. Deshpande stressed upon the need and relevance of IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) and how it’s setting a trend in the industry. He discussed various use cases of security, and also threw light upon the next era of security – Perimeter Control, Intelligence & Integration and Cognitive, Cloud & Collaboration. He actively engaged the questions posed by the students, and provided them with a wonderful opportunity to know more, and learn more. The session came to an end, as he promised to return to his Alma Mater, yet another year, to address yet another batch!