The First Step

By Administrator 123erty

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hd-landscape-wallpapers-widescreenIt’s very rightly said that “The first step is always the hardest” & I was experiencing it first hand, but only till I stepped inside, SIC (Symbiosis InfoTech Campus) or to be more specific, SCIT (Symbiosis Center for Information & Technology).

The feeling of, going back to an educational institution after working in an IT organization for over 2 years, meeting new and diverse individuals & moreover the fact that the next 2 years would define the road map of my life, was giving me the shivers and not to mention sleepless nights.

But those shivers were taken over, by a feeling of awe & more importantly a feeling of assurance, of being backed by a university of the standards of Symbiosis, once I made my way to the auditorium of SCIT, where we were about to be inducted into SCIT by our esteemed director Dr. R Raman and a host of other faculty and members of the management.

The auditorium was filled with faces glowing with confidence & hopes for a prosperous future after putting in loads of hard work to complete their all-important MBA.

Once the induction ceremony concluded, I headed back to my hostel, anxious, to meet my roommates & was glad to find friends whom I’d love to carry as souvenirs from SCIT for the rest of my life.

And finally, I had my dinner in the hostel mess and trust me, it blew me away. It was the best homely food I had had away from home.

The First day @ SCIT came to an end with closing of my dream laden eyes. Dreams, of succeeding and gaining as much as I can from the beautiful opportunity named SCIT.