The beginning from a new destination: MBA @SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

123“It’s not the destination i am worried about; it’s the journey that thrills me”. A line well said and one that defines me. It all depends on the route you choose that leads you to the destination. On joining all the maps of the journeys I ever had, my experiences lead me to this new endeavor known as“SCIT”, a place where my journey to the real life begins. A two year journey with a new big family: Symbiosis family. Doesn’t matter where the destination will be but the journey is going to be fun; playful and full of new experiences.
My journey started on 2nd of July, the day I entered the city “PUNE”.With a little bit of anxiety and lot of excitement I entered the (SIC) SYMBIOSIS INFOTECH CAMPUS. Friendly staff helped me with registration and I was sent to the D-Hostel; the home away from home where the family is not only big but also the most friendly and hard working. As soon as I completed the hostel registration I was sent to room no 915. On the first day or first hour I found new friends who helped me with my luggage and unpacking. The day went by and we shared our experiences and talked about random things and were excited about 4th July. The only thing I missed was home cooked food.

This was my first day at Symbiosis.Within two days most of the boys were in the hostel and all became friends .Everyone was excited about the first day of the induction i.e. 4th July, the day we all entered SIC for a new and common cause. We were greeted by an inspirational presentation by our esteemed director DR. R. Raman, the most dynamic personality I had ever seen, Followed by presentation and speeches by the members of Symbiosis management and director of Citrix Company. The ceremony ended with the recitation of National Anthem. I entered the Auditorium with several questions in my mind but all were taken care of without being asked by anyone. In short the first day was full of new learning’s and inspirations to me.
All this made me realize the journey I am starting is going to best I have ever had. I am thankful to god and my parents who helped me become a part of Symbiosis family.