Turning point of my life @ SCIT.

By Administrator 123erty

Every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning. Keeping in mind the above live, I enrapturedly set my foot in this dreamland university along with my father and cousin. I directed my eyes towards the college’s building people present there and then was looking at my Papa and Bhai giving them a surprise look.
Despite of knowing about the good image of Symbiosis crowd. I was gazing around and was noticing the different activities being performed there. To my surprise, looking all this, I was a bit nervous about my first day. My heart was in a dilemma as on one side I was upset and a bit tensed that how will I manage my academics but simultaneously was happy and excited to live a hostel life again. It’s been 7 years for me to be a part of hostel before coming here.
Leading my steps forward in the college premises met one Sir who was distributing the identity cards and other essential documents. I took my card he informed me that it is compulsory to come in formals from tomorrow. Listening to his statement my face became like that of girl who was about to go to a party wearing a new pretty dress but as she is about to leave, her dress gets torn somehow due to her negligence and neither she could enjoy the party nor she is able to show off her new dress to her friends.
Later on he told that all the information can be collected from the Facebook but I felt proud as unfortunately I was the only student in the whole campus who did not have any Facebook account.Further I went to purchase some new formal clothes for my new campus life and while shopping my father was staring at me and giving me tough looks as I started shopping on the very first day of the college.
It was dawn by the time and me and my cousin went to the hostel. There he started doing “taapatapi” and my heart was filled with ecstasy when I took the keys of my room from the warden. But the inauguration of my room took some time as I have to complete some nonsense formalities before entering my room.
Finally I was ready to step up in my new room. The whole day made me fatigue and I lied down on my bed thinking of a better tomorrow and imagining myself going in formals and attending MBA lectures.
The picture got blurred as I felt asleep