The beginning from a new destination: MBA @SCIT

“It’s not the destination i am worried about; it’s the journey that thrills me”. A line well said and one that defines me. It all depends on the route you choose that leads you to the destination. On joining all the maps of the journeys I ever had, my experiences lead me to this new endeavor known as“SCIT”, a place where my journey to the real life begins. A two

Outstart – first day @SCIT

Putting my first foot in lush-green awesome-looking Symbiosis campus, I stepped in with lots of dreams, expecting exciting endeavors and great time drawing inspiration from bollywood stories and books about the life-changing B school times. My little brain was occupied with lots many upcoming things including placements, decisions ,  plethora of events, hectic schedule(which I had heard of, and find it the same way), mid night masti 😉  great circle

First Day @ SCIT :)

Reaching the SIC premises around noon on 4th June with my heart filled with not just happiness ,enthusiasm and hope but with apprehensions and the fear of surviving in an environment which would be thoroughly new, I entered the campus with oodles of curiosity and anxiousness. The first thing that struck me was the amazing breeze which was dancing its way through the campus which somewhere cooled my oscillating mind

My First Day @SCIT

First Day @SCIT A good pleasant morning it was. I reached Pune Railway Station on 6th June 2014, completing a 10 hour journey from Vadodara to Pune in Indore-Pune Express. It was exactly 10:00 am in the morning, when I entered SCIT campus for the first time. The campus was very good and the security personnel were very helpful. I then went to the registration desk where the volunteers were

First Day Of College

3/06/2014 :- Experience the first day of college was the greatest day of my life. When i am entering the gate its very silent college,very discipline college, a very good security guard who show me the path of d-hostel then i went to the d-hostel truly very long from the campus.. then after that all scitians meet each other knowing some about each other.. and also having a breakfast.. Now