Outstart – first day @SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

Putting my first foot in lush-green awesome-looking Symbiosis campus, I stepped in with lots of dreams, expecting exciting endeavors and great time drawing inspiration from bollywood stories and books about the life-changing B school times. My little brain was occupied with lots many upcoming things including placements, decisions ,Β  plethora of events, hectic schedule(which I had heard of, and find it the same way), mid night masti πŸ˜‰ Β great circle of friends and the roller coaster these 2 years will take us through.

Writing about my 1st day at SCIT I still feel the excitement I could feel that time. Having missed a few initial days of college, I directly stepped in the session of Alumni Interaction in which Jay, Rudy, Jason and many other talented people talked about a lot of things exhibiting their love and gratitude towards SCIT. The alumni were all bright eyed and bushy tailed telling their walk of 2 years of MBA in SCIT excited to tell everything from Faculties, Bunks, Sports, Events, Punishments, Specializations, Getting away with Troubles and the importance of Discipline and how much they all miss it. A thing which I have experienced from day 1 in SCIT is that here everybody tells you to follow your heart and not go like a flock of sheep. They tell us to decide and then go the extra mile and that everything else would follow. Raman Sir in his great speech emphasized on the vital aspects of life saying do not worry over things, just follow it the right way everything else would fall in place. Β A video depicting how a novice guy getting into an MBA makes his way to Forbes Magazine becoming CEO of the Year, inspired almost everyone. To sum it up, this interaction session and MIGHTY MIGHT SCIT cheer really imbibed everyone with a sense of pride for getting into this. In Hostel, campus, mess and everywhere around faculties, guards, and batch-mates irrespective of their busy or not so busy schedule always welcomed me with a bright smile. I really like this place πŸ™‚

As a great man says Man is only truly great when he acts from his passions, we must thrive for our dreams. Life is short. Always have your desserts first, for the sweetness of this lies in journey and also in the destination. Looking forward to having a time which is going to be amalgam of quest, fun, passion and magic… Ahhh!!