First Day @ SCIT

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“GOOD MORNING AND WELCOME TO PUNE” were the first words that came to my mind when I woke up on 4thJune. It was going to be special, something extra ordinary and was hoping it to be fantastic too, because I was moving towards another dream of mine: Post Graduation in IT and that too from SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, a brand that speaks for itself.

I reached Pune at around 11 in the morning and as it happens with every tourist or someone new in a place I was overcharged and paid around 400 rs to the auto driver. Well as soon as I reached the premises of my college, that feeling of being cheated went away.
Were the words in front of me. Next thing that I observed was the way everyone was dressed up. I realized that days of my casual way of dressing were over.
Each and everyone was wearing formals and I had jitters in my body.

I checked in and did all the hostel formalities and next thing that came to me as a shock, was when I came to knew that boys hostel is around 700 meters away from the college. This was one thing that I never imagined. I went to my room and my luck came to my rescue as I was the first one to check in and was authorized to select my own bed 😉

Around 2 o clock I went back to the main campus and had my lunch in the dinning room which was quite huge and was accommodating around 200 odd students and take my word, food was awesome and specially the sweet dish but till date have no idea about its name… sry.. 😀

I was very excited and so took one very big round of my awesome college. It was like a small town with everything in it. You have your ground, your gym, your grocery shop, your juice corner, your swimming pool along with lots and lots of students from three different colleges, and what not. As obvious in our country , cricket match was going on . I sat there on the steps and was watching the match when I met some of my classmates. Everyone was from a different culture and this says all about the diversity prevailing here in SYMBIOSIS. We also took part in that match. Believe me the atmosphere was truly energetic and seniors were not behaving like seniors. It was like we were talking to our friends 

I had dinner and after that under the influence of swirling winds and pure light of moon we sat down and chatted .

Day was coming to an end but I was excited about the fact that the next two years in Symbiosis in Pune would be years I will cherish my whole life………