First Day At SCIT 🙂

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“Symbiosis” & “SCIT”, the words ran through my head as I drove to the college that would nurture me for the next 2 years in my life. The thoughts of starting a new phase in my life and leaving behind the comfortable life replicated the feeling of a child’s first day of school who fights to stay with his parents rather than start the new phase in his life. Engulfed with this feeling of fear and sadness, I continued my journey towards the college.
As I approached nearer to the college, the name “Symbiosis” posted on a high building became bigger and bigger with time, thus amplifying all the feelings and thoughts going through me, which I must say did not feel good. A few minutes later, the college gate appeared in front of me along with the security guards dressed in smart yellow and black combination uniform and a hat with “Security” highlighted on it. Looking at this scene, one certainly felt there is something big on the other side and things are no longer going to be same as one steps in.
The first step inside the college campus, developed a feeling similar to a newly married woman who enters a new environment, unaware of the people stored in it and the experiences she would go through in the coming years. This is one feeling one cannot forget it easily (it certainly sounds hilarious when one thinks about this again).
As I entered deeper inside the college, I noticed a number of students, with a sense of confusion, roaming here and there in the campus along with their parents and/or luggage. There is a saying that no matter how much elaborated directions are provided, you would certainly find a few confused people (given the circumstantial) and that was exactly the scenario here.
I continued to explore the campus for the facilities and amenities it provided for the students and the college did not disappoint me on this. Instead it certainly amazed me and also enhanced the feeling that many wonderful memories would be created on this campus in the coming years.
As I continued my exploration, I also happened to meet a few of my batch mates and started getting to know them a little better. It was not surprising to know that people from all over India had come down to be part of this “Symbiosis” family and to name a few there were people from Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai & Rajasthan.
On knowing that people (experience and freshers) came from far off land to receive education from here, removed any little doubts that I had on the reputation of the college but rather filled me with pride that this is certainly a college I should be proud and honoured to be part of.
As the day progressed, I kept soaking in the new things and new experiences that were being exposed to me and the feeling of pride, happiness & positivity kept growing.
This experience of a new environment made me forget all the sense of nervousness and sadness that I initially was occupied in but rather energized me with a feeling of discovering the new things approaching my life.
The process of creating memories and building a new life had already begun and the first day was the first chapter amongst the many chapters to come.
If one day could have such a positive impact on me and fill me with zeal and vigour, I could hardly wait to see what the coming years in this college would inculcate in me.
A day and date I will not forget & a day and date that will change my life forever. A new journey begins.