First Day @ SCIT 🙂

By Administrator 123erty

Reaching the SIC premises around noon on 4th June with my heart filled with not just happiness ,enthusiasm and hope but with apprehensions and the fear of surviving in an environment which would be thoroughly new, I entered the campus with oodles of curiosity and anxiousness.
The first thing that struck me was the amazing breeze which was dancing its way through the campus which somewhere cooled my oscillating mind and eased me a bit. 
Just after completing the hostel formalities, I went to check out on my room and to my surprise I loved it :D. Then came the herculean task of arranging it; once I was done of somewhat completing it, I headed to the cafeteria where I not only chatted with other students but with faculty too and it was all a very enlightening and consuming experience.
Another aspect of SIC campus is its food facility which brings the hostelers near to home cooked food and I ended up loving my first meal here 
Not just the ambience here but the people around like security guards , hostel warden, mess people and even the general store family, all of them were not only soft and kind but generous enough to guide new students like me through things here.
So on a whole, my first day @ SCIT started with apprehensions and anxiousness but ended up in contentment and hopefulness!! ** :):)