My First Day @SCIT

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ShreyansFirst Day @SCIT
A good pleasant morning it was. I reached Pune Railway Station on 6th June 2014, completing a 10 hour journey from Vadodara to Pune in Indore-Pune Express. It was exactly 10:00 am in the morning, when I entered SCIT campus for the first time. The campus was very good and the security personnel were very helpful. I then went to the registration desk where the volunteers were handing out the induction kit to the students of the new batch. The induction programme was already completed on 4th June 2014, but I was unable to attend that due to my final exams. On 6th June, many ice breaking and team building activities were planned for our new batch 2014-16.

The activities included many games. The first game was a Human-Housie. In this game all the students were given a paper and were asked to write names and hobbies of 10 other students of the batch by asking and interacting with them. The second game was known as Ping-Pong game. In this the students had to tell the names of students sitting beside them. i.e. On a ping, the name of the student on the immediate left side should be spoken and on a Pong, the name of the student on the immediate right side should be spoken. It was a very good game with the help of which the students were able to interact and also remember the names of each other. One another game which I loved was Virtual Volleyball. In this game, all the students were divided in teams. We had to speak the name of the person to whom we want to pass the ball. The player can be of our team or also from the opposite team. In this way, many of us were also able to remember names of students of the opposite team.

After the morning session was over, we had our Lunch break. The mess was very clean and airy. The dining facilities in the mess were good, in a way that it could provide sitting facilities to large number of students simultaneously. The food was also good. Then in the afternoon session we had many other team building activities along the poolside. The college has an indoor swimming pool, which provides protection against sunlight. Now students were able to recognize the names of the students and also made some friends. The games played in the afternoon session were very unique and included many team building skills like group communication, trust, unity, etc. All in all it was a very good experience in playing such games.

Finally, my first day at SCIT ended, and I walked backed to hostel with a sense of pride and satisfaction of being able to join such a reputed institution and after seeing all such great activities the first day, I was sure that the next two years at SCIT, would be action packed, fun and enjoyable.

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