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My First Day at SCIT, beginning of a voyage.

Just like any other MBA aspirant, I wanted to get my MBA degree from one of the reputed college in the country and the moment I got into SCIT, I already knew the heights I am about to achieve after I graduate.   Soon came the first day when I was supposed to enter the revered Symbiosis InfoTech Campus in Pune and with the very first step I took, I

My First Day @SCIT

First Day @SCIT A good pleasant morning it was. I reached Pune Railway Station on 6th June 2014, completing a 10 hour journey from Vadodara to Pune in Indore-Pune Express. It was exactly 10:00 am in the morning, when I entered SCIT campus for the first time. The campus was very good and the security personnel were very helpful. I then went to the registration desk where the volunteers were

My first day at SCIT-Kapil Malik

A day without an aim is a day wasted! –          Kapil Malik (Yes, I thought of it just now. No kidding!!)   Hello readers, I am Kapil, a student of SCIT-ITBM, batch of 2014-16 and 5th June was officially my first day at the institute. Although I had reached Pune yesterday but I could not attend the induction ceremony (which I heard was quite intuitive and inspiring) due to unavoidable

My 1st Day at SCIT – Premier IT B-School !!!

      Waiting for more than an #Hour at station for the delayed train, started imposing questions on GOVT, SYSTEM, INFRASTRUCTURE and all the ill things India as got, but with the blink of eye, thought was #MBA at #SCIT #Pune. The Premier IT B-School, I dreamt of. Train was late by 84 mins till it reached #Surat, feeling was Y??? It’s late Today (sad). But as the law

Education System

Kanji, a 10 year old child, who stays in a remote village in Gujarat, daily, go to school which is situated near main temple of Lord Shiva. When asked him about simple mathematical summation or multiplication of two numbers, he was not able to even read that problem statement properly. He was even lacking basic writing and reading skills in English. He is not the only “dull” student in that