Journey Begins: My First Day At SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

colorful-abstract-desktop-backgrounds-hd-wallpapersJourney Begins: MY FIRST DAY AT SCIT

3 rd June 2014, a day I keenly waited for my first day at ‘Symbiosis Center for Information Technology’ it took a lot of hard work. And as I shifted in hostel I kept staring out of the window, reliving all the memories which were once lost in the deep corners of my mind, all the events that led up to this day. The lush green gardens and surroundings rendered a soothing and calming effect.

My attention then slowly glided n fell upon the sprawling campus infrastructure which felt more livid, lively and colorful than what we saw on the internet. The energy at the campus, brimming with such great possibilities & potential and the serenity provided by the natural surroundings, could only be felt in the air I breathed rather than through the lifeless digital pictures captured through camera. Seriously you have to be at this place to feel it .For a moment I felt being one with the soul of the place.

A few hours later as the day breathed its last with dusk encompassing the skyline, one of my roommates arrived. And we spent oodles of time bickering, bonding in our own way; the conversation was candid and smooth. Slowly more people kept pouring in the hostel and the feeling of insecurity and void started to dim out n the positive energy euphoria n excitement of the environment started to fill me and I felt very positive, calm and at home.

The next morning I joined others in the auditorium of the institute, which is created in the style of an amphitheater, for our ‘INDUCTION SESSION’.

blogSoon the cacophony of the human voices was silenced by the arrival of the chief guests n other eminent personalities of the institute, industry and society including the founders , the alumni and industry veterans etc .


The induction session commenced with the speech from our Director Dr R.Raman ,he struck a chord with the students right from the start. It felt as if our mental frequencies were in perfect sync. Owing to the way the speech was articulated such that it felt as if it was actually composed with the psyche , expectations and vision of the current young generation in mind, who are poised to break out of the shackles of and assert their rightful role as the potential future leaders of the society.It was full of future possibilities and forward thinking. Everyone felt a breeze of fresh air because of his progressive ideas and outlook. It was an ice breaking speech between the students, faculties and there senior key figures of the institute. Everyone was mesmerized and felt supercharged armed with the vision and dream he showed us and the wisdom he provided through his eloquent words. There was something for everyone , to take from that soul inspiring speech.


Next came Principal Director of Symbiosis- Dr Vidya Yeravdekar . She started with the history and foundation of the institute , moving over the current opportunities it provides and its future goals and vision . Through his speech we could clearly see the early seeds of her vision of and for the society, how she envisioned the role of an individual in development and upliftment of the society and the importance of investment in the development of an individual on a more personal and individualistic level through skills enhancement and imbibing of correct social and moral value system and consolidation of the same through earnest efforts, perseverance, faith and self discipline. It was clear from her speech that it’s the correct value system in an individual which strengthens n propels him in the direction of positivity. Self growth n discovery and towards the empathic realization of one’s responsibilities towards the society n fellow brethren , even in testing times.

Today this simple insight, vision and thought, which has in time grown into this dynamic and vibrant community, is tantamount to the timelessnes of his ideas and foresight.

Lastly came Mr Abhilash Verma , who is an alumnus of the institute and Director of Citrix. He shared invaluable experience and insights about what to expect realistically from the institute , faculties , society and the industry or corporate world when you step into that ,having gone through the same drill himself ,that we are about to in due time. He correctly presented the current footmark of the institute in the industry, academia etc devoid of any unrealistic, concealing and divulging statistics, facts or figures. He emphasized faith in one’s dream, learning through trial and error, taking risks and bold steps, being humble and learning from others and Being responsible for one’s decisions and actions ; all which are the attributes of leader in making. His words juxtaposed our current selves with the ones we dream to be to give us a realistic idea of the road we have to travel to achieve that. After this thought provoking session my goals became crystal clear, my intention razor sharp and all of my internal energies got focused over what I exactly want in my life.

I now felt very confident & assertive of my future goals, dreams and vision for which I had decided to join SCIT.