By Administrator 123erty

SCIT_bigI always wondered what would it be like to get a Bachelor-ate when I was in my 12th . Some said it would be difficult with all the assignments and the final year project whereas some said it all matters on the number of classes you attend. But,I had some wonderful days in my BTech. Going to classes at 8 in the morning, sleeping through the Β lectures, bunking lectures and many more to pen down. The thing which I will always remember is the fun we had. It was time to move forward down the lane.

4th June 2014, its the day which I will always remember as my first day in SCIT, a student in management. Once again my friends and family started enlightening me with there stupid ideas on management. But all i was interested was for a challenge in my new college. I thought, let it be difficult, let the MBA program make my day tiresome, let the things that my friends and family talked about be true, because at the end of the day I will be a Manager with a hell loads of experience. Actually I never asked it to be simple. Making some new friends will actually make things simpler, this is what I learned as an engineer.

The path ahead is filled with a lot of challenges. It actually remind me of the challenges and difficulties a devotee faces when he is on his way up the hill to Kedarnath. His path is filled with thrones and stones, but mine, its filled with friends, experience and most of all knowledge. I’m looking forward for my two years as a management student, because i know it, we know it that on the final day the journey to my corporate life has just begin.