My First Day At SCIT

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StartThe first day of any new journey that we ride upon is very special,and so was my first day at SCIT(an eminent institute of the big fat Symbiosis family). I landed at the gates of SCIT and stood there for a second to make myself realise that after all the days spent spent being in the dilemma that whether to do mba or to take up a new job,im finally doing mba….the MBA.My realisation was over and I went further inside to look around the campus where i’ll be spending my two years.It was a mix of feelings that was going through my heart,my body and my mind.I was nervous as well as excited to be a part of the mba program.My father and my sister had come to drop me at the campus.I met my roommate Priya and her parents and we all headed towards the auditorium.After bidding them goodbye,I went inside the auditorium to attend the induction program that was held that day.Before the formal program started,I had made some more first day friends apart from my roommate.Then the program started,and we all were introduced to our institute’s director,Symbiosis’ principal director,our .All of them gave such heart warming and inspiring speeches.As the program got over everyone rushed to have lunch,and in a fraction of time the dinng hall was full and there was a long queue outside of it.All my first day friends and their parents,we all chose to have a glass of juice.It was very kind of Priya’s father that he offered me juice without taking money for that.After this,we had our lunch together and then went to the hostel.In my room Priya’s mother started unpacking bags and arranging the stuff inside the cupboard.And seeing this,I became little emotional as I missed my mom and wished she could have been here.But as it says that once you start your hostel life you are on your own,you have to manage everything independently,thats what I realised and started arranging my stuff.Afterwards,we went down to have a walk down the lane outside our campus.After coming back from there we had dinner and had a introduction session with the boys of our freshers lot.As this all got over,I made a call to my home,and as the typical mother sounds,my mother was also very low and her voice was shaky and she started crying and eventually that made me cry.And that day I realised that how close you become to your family when you are actually far away from them.This first day of mine at SCIT full of nervousness,sadness,anxiety and excitement made me stay awake till late and eventually I could barely sleep on my first night in the hostel room.

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