And The War Begins..!!!

By Administrator 123erty

And The War Begins..!!!

The title totally justifies the kind of cricket we saw yesterday. Yes! Independence Cup has taken the center stage yet again. Of the numerous games hosted under this tournament, cricket was the one they were starting with. The commencement of the cup started with a polite address from Colonel Kadam. His motivating words filled everyone with energy, which was followed by cake cutting.

As juniors, it was a first time and awesomely different experience. We had no idea what it was going to be all about. Excitement was on its verge. But I guess that’s just the sort of feeling sports bring in you. At first we thought it was going to a very serious affair, so were sitting in a corner waiting for the match to start. But when it actually started, we saw what fun it is. Seniors were such a sport and they made the players very comfortable yet they were competitive. There was a cheering competition going on between the seniors and the juniors which made it the match even more exciting.

A Division seniors vs. B division juniors was the first match and B division seniors vs. A division juniors was the second one. What a great start to the tournament! The toss was won by the B junior team and they chose to bat first. It was no less than a real stadium experience, juniors cheering for their team, seniors for theirs. Both the teams were motivated to win. The first over made it clear that it’s not going to be easy to win for both the teams. Looking at the seniors we thought this is what experience is about. They were confident, motivated and here to win. Juniors on the other hand were nervous and wanted to give their best. As the match proceeded, wickets were taken, sixes here and fours there, chanting names of the players. The seniors were giving a hard time and the juniors were trying their best not to succumb to pressure. The target in the first match was 49, which was easily covered by the seniors and they won with flying colors.

In the second match the B division seniors won the toss and decided to bowl. It started with a bang! Everyone was presuming that the juniors won’t perform well again in this match but you know what they say “Cricket is predictably unpredictable”. The juniors gave their best in making runs, the target was 43. But the real excitement started in the second innings where the juniors made it very clear that they are not her to lose. The star bowler who gave seniors a hard time was Shreyas Amte by bowling 3 over’s out of which two were maiden and gave only 5 runs and took 2 wickets. It was the first time we saw seniors break a sweat. Till the end of the match, we couldn’t decide who was going to win. Ultimately the seniors won, but the juniors gave them a hard time and we were proud of the juniors.

I am sure this year’s independence cup has a lot in store for us. Will the juniors be able to rise upto the level of seniors or will they give away the glory to the seniors??