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GET HIGH ON LIFE, NOT DRUGS “A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on” ― William S. Burroughs SCIT, on 20th August, conducted a lecture on Substance Abuse – an informative session held for creating awareness among students about drug use and abuse. Among the speakers invited were Dr. Brijesh Pillai, Faculty SCIT, Mr. S.B. Navale, Senior Police Inspector,Anti Narcotics Branch,Pune, and third and the last speaker

THE DAY 13 – 15 BATCH CAME…..!

And the Day 7 began……The sports arena looked typically same. The chaos of students, cool breeze, cheering for one another, leaving behind the stress, players motivated to win. But today something was different. Yes, today was the day our super seniors visited college. They came to play the independence cup. A few days ago when we received an email saying that our super seniors would visit, we were surprised as

And The War Begins..!!!

And The War Begins..!!! The title totally justifies the kind of cricket we saw yesterday. Yes! Independence Cup has taken the center stage yet again. Of the numerous games hosted under this tournament, cricket was the one they were starting with. The commencement of the cup started with a polite address from Colonel Kadam. His motivating words filled everyone with energy, which was followed by cake cutting. As juniors, it