Cloud Computing: A Paradigm in Technology

On 15th of September’2015, SCIT conducted a guest lecture on the topic “Current Trends in Cloud Computing and Virtualization for Indian organizations: A business perspective”. SCIT was really glad to host such a guest lecture where three highly experienced speakers in the domains of infrastructure, automation, virtualization and storage: Mr. Anuj Chandra, Mr. Kedar Karmakar and Mr. Sandeep Zende; enlightened the Information Technology students on the recent paradigm, “Cloud Computing”.

And The War Begins..!!!

And The War Begins..!!! The title totally justifies the kind of cricket we saw yesterday. Yes! Independence Cup has taken the center stage yet again. Of the numerous games hosted under this tournament, cricket was the one they were starting with. The commencement of the cup started with a polite address from Colonel Kadam. His motivating words filled everyone with energy, which was followed by cake cutting. As juniors, it