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The Proof of the Pudding

  The first thing (and I’d dare say the only thing) that comes to mind while selecting a B-school is “placements”. Which of the big investment banks/consultancy firms/tech firms (take your pick) come to campus and when? What was the highest and lowest package last year? What has been the trend of average packages over the last few years? The focus is always to think in terms of RoI and

Many things to share!

Dear All I just realized that it is 17th Feb 2013, and I have not blogged yet! There is so much to post and let me do it now!. MBA( ITBM) Admissions 2013: February  has been a real hectic month which started with the GE/PI process. I must appreciate all the 100 + volunteers from the first year who volunteered in helping us during the GE/PI process. The appreciations have

SCIT – Placement Stats

02nd November 2012 Dear All Year after year, batch after batch, one thing that remains an attraction for many aspirants looking to join a B School to pursue their MBA program, is “Final Placements“. Placement, Prospects, Profile , Package and Position have always remained key points, which the aspirants wish to know before they zero down and select a B school. Last year’s placement statistics is available at http://www.scit.edu/placements.php#placement-stats and

Social Networks for Social movements

Social movements have from time immemorial used the social networking as a means to garner support. Whether it was the French revolution, the Black movement or the student and feminist movements or the  Naxalite movement of 1970s or the recent India Against Corruption movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare, all used the social networking as a means to bring together population disconnected by space, race, religion, culture and gender. Here are

Blogathon 1.0 Winners!!

SCIT’s First Ever Blogging Competition, BLOGATHON 1.0 has come to an end. The competition was proudly sponsored by Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza, Hinjewadi.   The Winners for the contest are : 1. Anurag Verma (2011-2013) :   (Prize : Rs. 500 Coupon from Smokin’ Joe’s ) http://blog.scit.edu/2012/09/01/the-differentiating-factor/ 2. Harshal Pathrabe (2012-2014) : (Prize : Rs. 300 Coupon from Smokin’ Joe’s ) http://blog.scit.edu/2012/08/23/self-assessment/ 3. Shalin Mishra (2012-2014) : (Prize : Rs. 200 Coupon from Smokin’