Self Assessment

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Self Assessment

I was in 3rd year of engineering when I decided to pursue my MBA in future. After B.E, I joined a software firm and worked there for almost 2 years.  Meanwhile I prepared for S.N.A.P, appeared for test and got selected in SCIT. I resigned from my Company and spent around a month’s time at home. Everything was going fine. Just 7 days were left for the commencement of academics for my batch at SCIT. It was 27th of May; I was discussing “Importance of Counselling” with my Father and didn’t realize that the discussion could lead a huge argument of pursuing MBA after working for 2 years. At that point, I came to know that my father was not happy with my decision of pursuing MBA after 2 years work-ex. That created some kind of doubt in my mind about MBA. Should I go for MBA?

But there was no other option left for me as I had paid the first instalment and had left my job 1 month in advance and it was too late to change a decision. So my journey in SCIT started with hell lot of confusions and speculations. I was completely baffled and to add to my bewilderment I came to know concept of ‘Opportunity Cost’. According to this concept “Cost for doing MBA= Fees of MBA Program + Not earning any money during that time. Opportunity cost was summing up to starting a small business. At that point, I was left completely clueless and I thought how I could be a good Manager, when I have messed up with such a huge decision in my life.

New phase of my life began at SCIT and there came a huge event called “SAMAARAMBH-2012”. As you all know it was the first cultural event where many of our batch-mates showcased their talent. I too gave an audition for Dance and got selected for western dance category.  I always knew that I am a slow beginner and it took me some time for me to be amiable with the dance group. We started practising, we worked hard and I made some beautiful friends over there. I noticed some people showing aggressiveness to develop a sense of responsibility and to make everyone realize that we have to put in the “BEST” performance. Finally the day came and we performed in front of a huge crowd. We performed well and everyone appreciated our team work. There I learnt my first lesson in SCIT college life-“Aggressiveness and early beginning is a key for building a good and balanced team”.

After some days we came to know that interviews will be conducted for various committees. As I was a member of the core committee for Marketing during my graduation, I thought it was going to be a cakewalk to get selected for some committee. But people here were really talented in their terrains; I think they were well aware about their strengths and how to convince the interviewer. Moreover they had previously done something in SCIT to differentiate themselves from rest of the candidates. I opted for a wrong committee and I think, I was not able to present my capabilities during the interviews so I got rejected. So the second lesson that I learnt was to be well prepared for any presentation, know your strengths and weaknesses and accordingly put efforts only in that direction.

Now it was time for some serious studies as we had our Mid-term exams. I studied little lesser than other students; may be because of participating in different events or having a bad habit of playing LAN games for hours. But I am a hard worker and I study logically by relating concepts with different examples (one of my strength). That kind of logical study helped me a lot and I managed to get more marks than the class average. That proved my second point. At that time I was assured that my learning was proceeding in the right path.

3rd August, “SCIT FOUNDATION DAY”: The Day when SCIT as an educational institute came into existence. I took that day as one more opportunity to showcase my talent in new field i.e. MIME. Having heard a lot of times “MBA is not only about studies but overall personality development”, I tried and became a part of junior MIME group.  It was a nice experience. While preparing for MIME I made some good friends in senior batch and their inputs really helped us a lot. There I learnt my third lesson, out-going and maintaining public relation is another key point. Talent is nothing without opportunities and not displaying your talent is a crime.

Now after 2.5 months of MBA program I realize that-

What I was lacking in my job?

What I need to do as a part of upcoming endeavours?

What is significance of pursuing MBA?

I think if I was not a part of SCIT and had I continued my monotonous job, I would not have come to know my shortcomings so early in my corporate life. Now I am highly excited for the remaining 20 months of my MBA program.

Last week my father visited Pune for some official work. When I met him, the entire episode which happened 90 days ago, came in front of my eyes. But this time I was able to put forward my views in a more proper way, I told him about my experience at SCIT and my learning. And when I hugged him before bidding good bye I was able to feel that he is happy for me.

I am now completely out of my dilemma and glad about my decision for pursuing MBA.

Now I can say it with confidence “Mighty Mighty SCIT”.

Harshal Pathrabe

MBA-ITBM SCIT (2012-14) 🙂