Hostel 101

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Along with the plethora of opportunities and experiences Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology has to offer, one you definitely don’t want to miss is the life at the hostel. Yes, welcome to the SCIT ‘D’ Hostel! Few random pointers which I noted that makes living at the hostel such fun –

1. Hostel room is the new ‘ghar’ for us students for the good part of the two years at SCIT.

2. If you have had prior work experience, then the mess food is gold.

3. But then, you cannot beat Bala’s. No one can disagree on that. Period.

4. If it is your birthday, my sympathies. And best wishes.

5. It is not unfair if you sleep at 03:00 AM and have a lecture at 08:00 AM the next day.

6. Clearly, a pen drive is the most sought after gadget for “getting things transferred”.

7. Random room checks from warden are dreaded by the mightiest of the students.

8. You get to live in a complete diverse environment. Your roommate can be anyone – a Tamil, a Marathi, a Rajasthani, a Bengali, a Keralite, or someone from UP or Bihar or any part of India. Hell if you are lucky, you could even get a Thai or a Japanese student as your roomie.

9. Average number of the hours of sleep you get steadily decreases as your final semester exam approaches.

10. You are given the opportunity of doing many things which you might not have practised in your life earlier. Washing clothes for instance.

11. You can make the most of the Local Area Network designed at the ‘D’-Hostel – i.e. if you know how to play Counter Strike.

12.  Watching football (or other sports) at the TV Room along with other students is always a passionate affair.

13. ‘D’ – Mart is the paradise which is close to the hostel where you will get all the stuff you need.

14. The joy you get when suddenly you realize that a video on a website is not blocked is unparalleled.

15. You are the master of the internet, if you own a 3G Dongle.

16. If you are a sports enthusiast, you have cricket, football, basketball and even TT!

17. For leisure activities, you can sleep (well that is important), wash clothes, complete your assignments or presentations, read books (Kotler and like i.e.) or most importantly – be online (the LAN cable has been given for a reason). Ah, no bird-watching at the ‘D’ hostel.

18. You don’t mess with the hostel attendance.

19. Room-mates engaging in a duel of swearwords – is generally considered to be a sign of bonding. I have to say, the creativity of students has to be admired in this department.

20. Finally, living with your room mates, your batch mates and friends from other colleges as well – makes you feel as if you are living at home, away from home.


A few students have already written about the enjoyable times of the life at hostel, and I must say I was overwhelmed by a desire to write about it myself. All the above anecdotes are written on a very light note, so please don’t take some of the points too much seriously. Just three months into SCIT have yielded such amazing moments. Eagerly anticipating my future association with SCIT!

Mrugesh Chikhalikar

MBA-ITBM SCIT (2012-14)

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