What Young India Wants…!!

By Administrator 123erty

When I saw this heading of a book cover through the glass pane in Crossword, I felt the eagerness to go through it. Though the inclination was buying the book, I thought let me first think about the topic from my own viewpoint and then will see whether it matches with the writer. And behold here came the blogathon 2.0…!!

I feel youth of today is interested in the welfare of the country along with his personal upliftment. This conclusion is derived from the regular discussion which happens when people get dizzy 😉 and after “Tu hi to mera bhai hai..!!” episode.  The discussion always comes to the point where we discuss about the plagues in our country. This discussion touches up diversified topics from corrupt politics to education system, from environment to population. I remember a lot of time doing this discussion with my childhood friend fondly called Motka. The real flaw in this discussion is that the next morning what is left over is just a bad hangover.

This blog is not meant to highlight the flaws in the system. That is already done a zillionth time. I want to question everybody reading this blog, Is there anything which we can do? Or are we just hopeless and just serve our time?  Is there any meaning to the past long discussions?

The sad aspect of this discussion is that we are seriously not capable of bringing out the changes which we want to see in this country. Everybody hates the system but nobody dares to change it and for obvious reason. The first change which our country wants is the POLITICS. But even though everyone seems to be master of the trade nobody dares to compete even in municipal elections. Every “Young Indian” says that politics is dirty and needs metamorphosis but is there even one who is ready to do that. Sorry to say but discussions in our living room does not change the face of the country. The helplessness of the youth is even glorified by the fact that even if someone dares to jump in the politics arena, the chances are few he will survive the bogus voting, the pressure from the local goons and the people who will say “Bahut bada hero samjhata hai apne aap ko..!!”.

The other way of accelerating a countries growth is by changing the structure of education system. Although this method may take time but will evidently show the results. In India however the quality as well as quantity of education is not up to the standard. The current literacy rate of 74.01%, which is way below the world average of 84% gives us the coveted title of “Country with most illiterate people”. The thing to note here is that literacy just means people who can do their signature. Only 15% of Indian students reach high school, and just 7%, of the 15% who make it to high school, graduate. This was about quantity, now let us look at quality. The education quality of India is relatively poor to the other developing country.  The country has not contributed anything significant for past 50 years in fields like science, art etc. To clarify the biggest constitution is not a contribution, as taught in school. Rather it is one of the biggest reasons why court cases celebrate silver jubilee in India. Outsourcing too is not a contribution. It is delegation of non-important work to our country while they come up with ideas like Google, Facebook etc.  Outsourcing though had the pleasant effect of giving jobs but has cut the “thinking nerve” of our body.

So what can we do? The general answer to this question is “I am doing my part. I can’t take responsibility of everybody”. However the bigger question is “Is it enough? “Can us minding our own business is enough to raise the golden bird to fly again. I don’t believe that. So in conclusion howsoever it pains me but the truth is “Young India is hopelessly stuck”. Hopefully any young Indian, 50 years hence will not think as I have been forced to.


Rahul Verma SCIT MBA (ITBM)