Tree Plantation Initiative at Aranyeshwar School

By Administrator 123erty

As we all know, each colour has got its own significance, like white for peace, yellow for energy, green for freshness and so on. But, what if green comes with ‘bottled in origin’ tag, that is, nature green. It would represent freshness that would be indescribable.

To enjoy such freshness with some hard work, around 7-8 students from SCIT went to a school named, ‘Aranyeshwar English Medium School’ during a heavy rainfall early morning on 3rd July, 2016. Fortunately, SCIT provided us with a bus for transportation purpose. With birds chirping even in heavy rainfall, and raindrops meandering down the window pane of a bus, just like words flow in a poem so glib, our journey from campus to Aranyeshwar school began. We hoped and assumed that rain would stop, enroute`. But, to our surprise, it didn’t. Luckily, we were prepared for it in advance. Thus, as we reach the place, we all did put on our raincoats and marched inside the school where a Royal Wave’s tree plantation initiative took place.

As we reached there, we found few organizers of an event waiting for us there already with exactly 100 plants and a few tools to help us dig the ground. After a small introduction, we started to get our hands on the work on time. Each one of us carried a plant and headed towards field where we were supposed to plant it, but as we reach the site, our expressions contradicted. A ground, so full of water such that it reached to a level where our knees went invisible to our sight and mud all around. But that didn’t bring any secondary thoughts to our minds. Then, the work started as we were moving back and forth from field to the corner where plants were kept, with water covering our legs, and with axes and other tools, and a plant. That was unimaginable, yet magical in its own terms.

We were accompanied by a few employees from renown corporate bodies who were also part of organizing an event. With a lot of efforts, we managed to plant approximately 100 plants in the boundary area of the school. As soon as, we got over the work, we head toward the school infrastructure, but a few of us start to play with mud, so as to make the surrounding lighter. In minutes, all of the members present there, play along with us for a few minutes, and then that was an end to the activity. The school authority, at the end, provided us with fresh breakfast which helped us kill our starvation after doing field-work. Right afterwards, we left the school campus and got into our bus to get back to SCIT campus.

The feeling of being a part of such a big activity as a student of SCIT, along with other corporates made us feel proud, yet again, of our B-school. Yes, we’re bringing the change by being the change, as SCIT-ISR committee puts it.