Visit to Janaseva Foundation, Pune

By Administrator 123erty

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”- Abraham Lincoln

We, the students of SCIT decided to undertake a small social initiative as a part of our ISR activity by organizing a visit to Janaseva foundation’s Old age home in Panshet, Pune on 6th of July.

When we entered Janaseva foundation old age home, we met their manager who runs the place and takes care of the people. The manager briefed us about the place and told us about the wonderful things they do there. They not only provide shelter to the aged but make their life worth living by providing them with food, health and other recreational facilities. But the stories behind these people coming to the foundation were heart-breaking.

We started in the auditorium where we interacted with the members of the old age home. We played antakshri and asked them to sing songs on the stage. We made them play few games like pass-the-pillow, identify the song from the tune and we focused on old songs so that they could relate to it better and enjoy and in the end there was a dance performance for them.

We took fruits for all and handed it over to the manager. The man in charge and an elderly member took us around to see the home. We started with Prayer Room, then we went to the bedrooms of people who were basically homeless and everyone welcomed us and there was gleam in their eyes. One of the members showed us the drawing and sketches and it was beautifully done. After that we moved to the dining hall which was quite spacious and clean and before eating all the members prayed and then the food was distributed. We visited the medical ward where they kept those who were too old and bedridden. Then we visited the recreational room where they have musical instruments and they gather every day to have some quality time. We interacted with the ladies and one of them was completely blind and she sang a very touching song which brought tears to our eyes.

That’s not it. We shared a meal with them. They served us with amazing lunch and desert. The whole ambience was filled with love and warmth. We got enough love from these folks in a span of 3 hours.

Old age homes are all over the world. But even in the best old age home the people are lost, lonely and unhappy. By the end of the day, we all wrapped in our heart few take away from them. Happiness is a state of mind, the folks there were away from their families yet they were happy and still living their life with smiles on their face. If we would love life with all our heart, it would love us back. Embrace the power of present moments and winning isn’t everything because sometimes we gain more by losing. People don’t need gifts, money, they need our time. The folks there were exhilarated by the fact that we took a day off and spent time with them.


Death is certain but how we bid a farewell to the world we lived in is in our hands. It is on us how we write the last closing chapters of our lives. Nobody can predict what bad or good would happen to us, but how do we move on with it is an art to be practiced.

Love our parents…we are so busy growing up that we forget that our parents are growing old. Love your parents for the sheer fact that they have devoted their whole life for us and for the unconditional love that we have been getting. . By this visit we received tons of satisfaction by capturing invaluable happiness which was easily seen on our faces.

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