TOGHETHER…The best place to be!!!!

By Administrator 123erty

This MBA thing, It all started when my manager at iGATE shouted at me out of frustration that i must do a professional course to polish my leadership qualities and the same day i made my mind that yes i will do it not for him but for myself.

“The best way is always through”

Studied and studied and more studied… gave a quite intimidating interview…. climbed the ladders of the waitlist and FINALLY got it through to the SCIT. Yes! I did it…

“There is no success without Hardships.”

But is it? Is my journey over?? Hell NO!! It’s just started and it’s going to be pretty rough. And came the day when I arrived at SCIT. My 1st fully residential program. I was already extremely Nostalgic and homesick. But just a single thought was in my mind and that was “WHAT LIES AHEAD OF THIS?” Couldn’t sleep at all that night but in my mind I was clear…

“I need to be ready, I need to be focused…

So that I may meet demands when “HE(the manager)” would say show us!!”

Then came THE DAY, the induction ceremony of SCIT…  Walking into the auditorium with not a single person known. I was afraid what if the director might behave like my school principal? What if he throws me OUT one 1st day itself? What’s it’s going to be? How its going to be? Each staircase of auditorium was like a question in my mind. As a typical graduate student I sat down at the middle row which is supposed to be safe! :-p Every one arrived and the program started with “SARASWATI VANDAN”. After a brief introduction by our seniors,

“ He came and He conquered!!”

A gem of a speaker, a brilliant mind itself which might help me to motivate and reach the levels which I couldn’t ever have imagined. The masterstroke was that example when he put stones in a jar and then sand and then water. I suppose I might improvise it by making a HOLE at the bottom just to indicate that the distractions are endless but its upto us that how many we could absorb and how many we could let go.

“Distractions from work, distractions from goals

Distractions from entire strides on the whole!!!

It’s a far greater evil that I truly fear, and such a best way to address the situation is what I expected the least. But thanks to Dr. Raman I found answer to that evil on the 1st day itself. My eyes were seriously wanted to see more and ears wanted to absorb more. And I got it when the two great personalities of Symbiosis arrived, their life experiences were truly amazing. Somehow I shrugged off the sleepiness and gathered interest with all these people speaking. At the end of the session, I managed to lose some home sickness and I became very proactive and I already started making friends.

First day itself gave me a special feeling that I am a part of a big family and I need not worry. Yes, I am part of SYMBIOSIS! Yes, I am part of MIGHTY  MIGHTY SCIT….

“I am Proud to know the Family that I have created

Love and acceptance from all of our Initiated

My brothers and sisters  I love you all

And I know you’ll catch me if I fall!!”