The Art of Living by Mind

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Published On: November 28, 2017Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on The Art of Living by Mind

A guest lecture on Art of Living was conducted on 18th November, 2017 at SCIT. The speaker for the guest lecture was Mr. Himanshu Nagarkar who has donned multiple hats in his career. He is a corporate trainer, a mountaineer with the Indian Army, practices at the Bombay High Court and is the youngest trainer at the Art of Living.

The speaker started off the session with the inspiring story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC who faced multiple rejections in his life. The moral of the story was that people often compared their life with others which leads them into giving up what they wanted to achieve. Anything we do in life or how we behave is all in the mind.

The speaker asked a question to the audience asking what is it that you need be successful in life. The answer again led to mindfulness. He also stated that people tend to only focus on their soft skills their entire life but all the derivatives of soft skills is the mind. He also told that in order to be successful a person needs to have four elements in his life i.e. Shank (communication), Chakra (rotating policies), Gadha (learning to say no), Padma (enjoy life). Students were advised to always laugh at your mistakes and a person’s ability to have focus and relaxation at the same time will make them successful.

The speaker then started stating the importance of meditation. Meditation helps one to get out of a pattern, have focus on life and have dedication. It also gives you space to do multitasking.

The session concluded with the speaker conducting a 15 minutes breathing exercise in yoga called ‘”Bhastrika”. This left the students refreshed, filled them with new vigor and motivated them to take up the yoga sessions course being conducted by the Art of Living.