The Toastmasters’ Meet!!

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SCIT’s Toastmasters’ Club organized its first meet on 16th November, 2017. The guests were Mr. Phani Vijay and Ramya from Barclays and Ms. Komal Jain from Accenture. The meet began with the introduction of the judges as well as the participants. There were prepared as well as unprepared speeches by the club members. There were judges who judged the speakers on the basis of grammatical errors made, the number of times fillers were used and time consumed. The listeners were asked to vote for the best speaker. Vaishnavi won the title for the best prepared speech. President of the Barclays club and advance leader bronze, Ms. Ramya, gave a presentation in which explained the step wise step procedure to attain the bronze leader position in the club. She added that crowd speaking is something in which most of the people fumble. In spite of having bundle of ideas in their heads, people fail to present them in front of masses. Toastmasters is an initiative aimed at helping students speak fluently and let their ideas out, without any glitches. The session ended with the distribution of prizes and a photosession.

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