Symbiosis Premier League 8.0 Auction

By Administrator 123erty

SIC Sports committee organizes various sports events every year, be it the institute specific Independence Cup, that gets conducted in the month of August, or the Champions Cup, where all the three colleges compete amongst each other to come out glorious. But it doesn’t stop there; every year SIC organizes a Premier League for the game of Cricket, where eight teams, similar to the eight in the context of IPL, come together and play the Symbiosis Premier League. The players for each of these teams are auctioned with virtual money by the team owners. So who selects the team owners? That’s again an auction, but just that it happens with real money. Initially, the eight teams and their corresponding Most Valuable Players (MVPs) were announced, post which the registration for owners and players were opened. The date of auction was announced. 23rd December, the players and owners assembled in the amphitheatre for the grand event. SIC Sports Coordinators had the set the stage for SPL 8.0. The teams and their MVPs were announced and the floor was open for bidding. The owners had to buy the MVPs and thereby exercising their ownership over the corresponding teams. Three MVPs were from the SCIT batch of 15-17, while two each from the 15-17 batches of SCMHRD and SIIB. There was also one from the 16-18 batch of SCMHRD, the lone junior, amongst the MVPs, who happened to attract the highest bid for Chennai Super Kings. A total of 120 players went under the hammer, with the teams working out numbers to fit the players and the team combination under the given budget. In the end players were bought and the auction concluded in a successful manner. The games for SPL 8.0 begins in the first week of January with each team playing against every other team and the top four to reach the play-offs.