Guest Lecture : “Giving Voice to Values”

By Administrator 123erty

Mr. Anant Nadkarni, who is an advisor and consultant at Chartered Institute for Management Accountants UK, along with Mr. Manish Deoghare, Supply Chain and Operations Consultant at BMC Software, visited SCITians, with an aim to have a discussion over the topic “Giving voice to values”.
SCITians, who have been enthusiastic about opting for multi-tasking, also took part in the survey, with the help of Mr. Anant Nadkarni and Mr. Manish Deoghare, to learn about how ethics come into the picture in everyday commercial transactions and how CEOs and other department heads go about it. Not only students, but faculty members at SCIT also took part in the survey, and with the help of case studies, research and examples, supported students to achieve their purpose behind the survey. Mr. Anant Nadkarni mentioned an interesting line during the conversation with the students, which goes like “Don’t be a leader, be a provoking leader”.
Mr. Manish Deoghare emphasized on how firms deal with delivering values to various consumers, despite a vast difference in their perceptions. He questioned students if regulatory is all that is required for ethics to be implemented in the system, or if knowledge of ethics should come from within. Their surveys were concerned with small and medium industries on whether those were prepared in terms of capability and value creation on a large scale to the society.
There’re many key insights they emphasized upon, which include, Human and Intellectual Value, Environment and Natural Value, Social and Relationship Value, Business Ethics Value etc. Certainly, as students approach the corporate world soon, these are the terminologies that defines them as a whole. Students who conducted surveys, along with faculty members interacted with others to deliver the right message to the aspirants.
SCIT has certainly focused on not just creating managers, but managers who add value to the surroundings.