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Published On: July 1, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Suryashibir

Suryashibir is the place which brings an individual close to nature with breathtaking scenery and a beautiful dam nearby.
Just after two days of induction, the outbound program was scheduled. It was a two day trip. Our day started early in the morning. We started by 7 AM and it took us around 2 hour to reach the place. After reaching there we had breakfast and after that everyone assembled in a hall and was introduced to the team named Outfit who were responsible for and organizing all the events. We were divided into 2 groups from which 1 group went for trekking and other group was briefed about few activities.

We played many games which helped us in team building, made us focus on our targets, in developing smart strategies by considering our constraints and resources at the same time.

Many experienced the thrill of valley crossing as well by balancing ourselves mere on rope! It was overall an amazing experience.

Not just physical activities but Surya Shibir also made us encounter some real life business scenarios which challenged our creativity and presence of mind.

Finally the time came to say good bye to this beautiful and amazing place and return back to our routine life. I must point out that no one expected this outbound program to be so much fun and brought everyone closer.

Thanks to SCIT for organising such a beautiful trip which proved to be an excellent ice breaker to one and all.