SuryaShibir- A wonderful experience

By Administrator 123erty

The first out-bound trip organised by SCIT was indeed a fruitful experience for me (And i am sure it was the same for everyone). I was one amongst all you who has been part of this cherishing experience. I would just like to share my experiences with you all.


Really the painful part for this trip was to wake up early in the morning(as early as 5am). It’s been a long time that i have woke up so early and hence that was the most painful part of the trip.

JOURNEY PART                  

Well the ride to Suryashibir was quite bumpy but it was enjoyable considering that we played Antakshari and enjoyed playing that game after a long time. I would like to mention some people who i met during the course of the game. But I apologise as I don’t remember their names. Nevertheless there was this one girl who was a complete dictionary of songs. Like most of us remember the first stanza of a song but this girl knew even the second stanzas of almost all songs. And there was this boy who was really energetic and funny who used to keep on confusing the opposite team during the game of Antakshari. I would have really loved to mention their names (had i known them).


The fun part of the trip was contributed by the team building games that we were made to play against each other. Really some games like the Chariot race, One-leg tied race and specially all the games that we played on the field(Cob-web was physically demanding game) were really superb. Then one more game named Sheep and Shepherd was a good one and also the game Bi-port(correct me if i am wrong with the name) was a crazy game. The only game that didn’t work our way was getting Aishwarya Rai across the line (I hope many people agree on this). Again i met many people during the course of games but this time round i remember a few names like Karthik, Rashi and Aditya (He was the best in all the games).


I saw many people complaining over the trip to SuryaShibir saying that such a trip is not required for professionals like us and we should be starting with the academic syllabus straight away. I would really like to say this that our Suryashibir trip is like the honeymoon and once the honeymoon is over in a marriage, life is full of problems. So i think such a trip was really required so that we get to know each other.

Also the boys of the B division were really upset over the issue that their division has the minimum number of girls amongst all the other divisions. 🙂

And finally as you see despite spending one whole day with all you people, I still can’t remember many of your names. Well I would say that I am quite slow when it comes to mingling with people but I can assure you all that once I get into the groove, you will not find a better person than me. Also I will make my mark soon….Just keep waiting.

Allen 2012-2014 Batch