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Upon joining SCIT I was looking forward to the curriculum & had heard about a trip to a resort in the hilly outskirts of Pune as part of the “induction programme”. I at that moment shrugged it off and didn’t think about it, being preoccupied with the ongoing proceedings of the induction programme and interactions with faculty members and seniors.  On day 2 we got the time table for the 1st week wherein Surya Shibir was mentioned as an over-night trip, tipped off as a team building exercise. At that time I was clueless about what’s going to happen during those 2 days.

On the 1st day, we had to get up at 6:00 am in the morning so that we could start from the hostel and assemble at our college campus till 6:30, everyone was feeling lazy and complaining about the getting up early. As we started moving towards Surya Shibir with our respective divisions, the fun started with games and inter personal interactions. The journey which was seemingly long became a short one.We reached the destination at around 9:30, kept our bags in our rooms and had breakfast. After breakfast our whole batch was randomly divided into groups and were taken for trekking and outdoor activities.



The total trek was about 8kms uphill and downhill, we were assigned captains to keep track of people in each group, it started off with a lot of energy and enthusiasm but after a while grew tiring, meanwhile the company of friends made it a lot more fun . Overall the situation created an amicable environment (amongst the students) and that was the intended purpose. Also this activity would have been twice the fun for someone who likes trekking and is adventurous unlike me.


Ice breaking Session


This was the session where we really interacted with each other, we talked about our likes, dislikes, career choices and generally got to know each other. Second part of the activity involved introducing each other to the whole group. It was surprisingly fun, we were supposed to make a sketch of others, which turned out to be a disaster in my case as I am not good at sketching and ended up making my female counterpart angry. It was a fun session and actually “broke the ice”.


This was perhaps the best part of the whole surya shibir trip, we were supposed to showcase our talents on stage to the outfit team and the student audience. We had been divided into groups and were provided with only a couple of hours to prepare, the preparations began and what followed was absolutely unbelievable. Many performances ranging from dance, skits, solo and group songs which were prepared in a short time (2-3hrs). Never in my life have I seen people perform this well with such less preparation time just proves the diverse of the SCIT students, I never dreamt that there were such multi-talented people in our batch. No wonder SCIT keeps getting better and better .The outfit team was very competent, they guided us through each and every step and laid down the foundation of team spirit and the importance of being in & around nature and its teachings.

The overall experience of Surya Shibir was something that I will take home as a wholesome life experience. The learnings that were imparted on us and the bonding that our batch underwent, was just what we needed before we started our MBA-ITBM journey. Thank you Dhanya Mam’ & Faculty members for this wonderful endeavor which we enjoyed till the very last minute.


Mighty Mighty SCIT

Mighty Mighty SCIT