Stop Acid Attack-Save Lives

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Published On: July 28, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Stop Acid Attack-Save Lives

Dear all,

Finally, Honorable Supreme Court has come to the rescue of many Acid Attack victims & has pronounced a judgment curbing the acid sale simultaneously enhancing the compensation for the acid attack victims. Though an amount of rupees three lakh is far too less but, nonetheless, a beginning is made. Kudos to Laxmi for her hard fought battle for this cause. A period of three months has been granted to the government to make amendment in the Poison Act. There are estimated approx. one thousand cases of Acid Attack in India annually. The victims, mainly women, have to live with terrible permanent disfigurement and the associated mental trauma. Moreover, these victims are often shunned by the society at large and are looked down upon as if whatever happened to them was their fault.
The heartrending stories of the Acid Attack victims should force us to think where our society is heading to. We all together must come up to the occasion and make efforts to help them in all possible way. When a small country like Bangladesh can make strict laws, what is stopping our government to do the same. Let us all get up, join hands together to fight against this cause so that we put an end to the Acid Attacks.

Akshay Mehra  MBA(ITBM)  2013-2015