Drugs?! Please Fight Realities!

By Administrator 123erty

When I first come to know about drugs, what it is, drugs abuse, addiction, aftereffect etc… Only question kept wafting in my mind: “Why drugs?!”  Yes, there are lots of reasons given by experts and surveys after churning out chunk of data. Those reasons are curiosity, to have a good time, because friends are doing it, improve athletic performance, ease another problem such as stress, anxiety, or depression! Excluding curiosity, don’t other reasons strike anything in your mind? I bet those surely do.

It is today’s generation ambitions, their attitude to achieve everything with shortcut. Can’t handle family responsibilities? Can’t deal with school/college burden? BF/GF dumped you? Can’t be model or get job of your dream? Getting back to back rejections? Want to do good in sports? only Stupid People think ” Take Drugs and it will take away all your pains and make you feel high!”

This is the mentality of today’s youth became. Its definitely job of cowards. I will never understand why they don’t understand that it is not end of life, why don’t they fight back, why don’t they challenge god to test their patience.  Where is the spirit? Gone are the days when persons like Bhishm, Karna, Bapu used to born in soil of India? Even after being God if Lord Ram had to pass cruel tests of destiny then we are human beings. How can we expect smooth life? There will be lots of ups and downs in life but drug is not solution. Giving up without trying is what kills the person. Shortcuts like drug won’t help at end. Once people start taking it, everyone knows how they get addicted. Did it solve their financial, family, educational or whatever problems?! Hell no. It just made it even worse.

Why to run away? Fight…Have faith in yourself rather than such long term painful option like drugs. Just keep stretching your spirit, one day you will get everything resolved no matter how big problem currently seems. 🙂

Komal Vadukia SCIT MBA(ITBM) 2013-2015