SproutIT- “Essence of Erised, Vision to Venture”

SproutIT- Essence of Erised, Vision to Venture

By Singh Shubham

It’s that time of year to celebrate the esteemed event organised by the Information Technology Entrepreneurship & Leadership Forum (iTELF) of SCIT. This prestigious event started with an introductory video, and then the hosts of the event invited the honourable Director Dr. Dhanya Pramod and Deputy Director Dr. Kanchan Patil to illuminate the inaugural lamp to spread positivity among all the young and future entrepreneurs attending the event, this was followed by the Director and Deputy Director welcoming the chief guests and panel speakers, Mr. Yogesh Shinde (Founder, Bamboo India), Amal PS (Founder KEITO), Nakul Rajpurohit (Co-Founder, Urban Nomads), and moderator of the event Vineet Chandra (SCIT Alumnus & Senior Consultant IBM) with a welcome speech and appreciating them with a token of gratitude.

Today’s vision becomes tomorrow’s reality

The moderator initiated the panel discussion with the other 3 emerging entrepreneurs to enlighten the audience about their flourishing journey from job seekers to job makers.

Mr. Yogesh Shinde: He embarked on the journey of executing his vision to mission after working 14 years for a firm in Germany as a software developer, According to him every day is different for an aspiring mind to weave ideas into actions and price is just a mindset, he always wanted to contribute to the nation and then he comes up with an idea to utilize bamboo in an effective way which would erode various harm caused to the nation.

Mr. Amal PS: Starting early at the prime age makes things better, and commitment plays an important role in the betterment of future work, his primary focus was always to build an IT company and do something different. Before starting his own company, he worked in an IT company for 2 years, understanding digital transformation and later implementing all these ideas. branding of the company shouldn’t be the primary focus, it should rather be on customers and services. 

Mr. Nakul Rajpurohit: The main intention after starting his start-up was to make a place for likeminded people sharing the same traits who want to explore their life and work together, his idea was to contribute towards making a community with different categories of working professionals under the same umbrella.

After the end of the panel discussion, different sub-event were lined up Product 360, where the central idea was to think of an alternative way of using a product other than the usual one it was followed by an event named Pro-Seed which was about pitching a hypothetical product needs and ways to scale up in the market ecosystem, Criti-Call an event which was about identifying the business problems in the case study provided and coming up with a feasible solution to minimize the loopholes, Bullet-In-Board a marketing event to design a product and analyze the selling strategies for the same with this a musical performance was organized by musical committee, Konnect to mark an end to an eventful day giving a plethora of memories and ideas for young and bright entrepreneurs to implement in days to come.