By kumargandharva.singh

A Guest lecture on “Technology Risk Management” was organized by the Guest lecture committee of SCIT. The guest lecture speakers were Mr. Nitin Makhija, Director UBS Bank, Ms. Deepti Dharwadkar, Associate Director UBS Bank, and Ms. Ambika Singh Kelwa, Risk Specialist UBS Bank who is also a SCIT alumnus of the 2017-19 batch. Mr. Makhija and Ms. Dharwadkar started the lecture by engaging the students in a quick revision of Risk Terminologies. The speakers emphasized how technology has become an enabling function for all sorts of businesses, after which they urged students not just to have an academic perspective but also to develop a professional outlook to become successful techno-manager in the future. The entire lecture was delivered such that it was divided into three modules, i.e., Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), and Technology Risk Management (TRM). The first part started with a case study, and at the end of each module, there was a quiz activity that was perfect for testing students’ understanding and ability to apply the concepts. Speakers also talked in detail about Risk compliance, Risk mitigation, and various standards of Risk management and data privacy. In the end, Ms. Kelwa also shared her experiences on her journey from being a SCIT student to becoming a Risk Specialist for an MNC investment bank. Overall, the lecture was heavily enriched with knowledge and highly insightful to an Information security management student.

10th September 2022
Gandharva Singh