Spiritual Quotient

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Spiritual Quotient (SQ) is described as a measure that looks at a person’s spiritual intelligence in the same way as a intelligence quotient (IQ) looks at cognitive intelligence. It is the study in which there are 6 types of personalities: social, investigative, artistic, realist, contractor and conventional. Zohar and Marshall (in 2000) created the term spiritual intelligence. The term derived from the latin word ‘Wind or breath’. This is literally a wind that is blowing through us, the principle that makes us alive and humane. Spiritual Intelligence, “Zohar (2000) said, is our access to and use of meaning, vision and value in the way that we think and the decision that we make”. It is the intelligence that makes us whole, that gives us our integrity.

So, Spiritual Quotient is study of Social, Investigative, Artistic, realist, contractor and conventional aspect of the personality to assess how balanced a persons is and now a days many authors, scholars claims that spiritual quotient is the ultimate intelligence of a human being and claimed this is intelligence used to solve the problem on values or you may call the persons ability to take value based decision. Spiritual Quotient is totally different from IQ and EQIQ solves logical problems. EQ allows us to judge the situation and behave accordingly with balanced emotions, while SQ ask whether this is worth being in that situation before indulging in it. It might motivate us to create a new one situation. SQ has little connection to formal religion. Atheists and humanists may have high SQ while someone actively religious may not as SQ is derived from pure thoughts / emotions.

Ashish Rana

MBA-ITBM (2013-2015)