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By Administrator 123erty

Dance bars are set to reopen in Maharashtra with India’s Supreme Court rejecting a state government ban in 2005 that forced the popular nightspots to close.

Whenever any  ingenious Indian hears the word Dance bar he frames the same image in his mind that these Dance bars would often be run in seedy and dark air-conditioned halls. Around 100 customers at a time would sit at tables positioned around the dance floor, where girls in their twenties would gyrate to blaring Bollywood music under flickering disco lights. The smell of liquor and cigarette smoke would linger in the air as the clients would ogle the girls, who typically would wear gaudy free flowing skirts with blouses. These bars were popular with locals who made millions of rupees selling farmland to industries and were awash with new-found wealth.

But there is one thing which does not comes in our stupendous  mind who are these girl where they live whats there life like. These dancers mostly came from poor and unschooled families, although some of the girls were educated and studied in colleges  but they took up dancing to help their parents and finance the education of their siblings  to provide future to them so that they can lead a normal life with dignity . Every bar dancer has her different story and i bet each story will render a tight slap to  every single stereotype jerk.

Customers are there from every class of our society the dancers  provide entertainment to everyone irrespective to the position an individual is holding in society . Many politicians and celebs are also seen there enjoying and covering the girls with their Moolah . But whenever they sense any  spark against the dance bars then these so called ” Mahapurush”  are the first one to raise their voice against the dance bars claiming that they are destroying their moral values and culture of our society .

But one thing always comes in my mind that if these needy facilities deprived girls are destroying the Indian culture by dancing in front of some 50-60 people than what does our celebs are doing when they dance in front of the 500% more crowd and 50% less clothes as compared to those poor girls , these celebrities also do this for money and also for those who branded these bar dancers as some sort stain on the face of their culture and morals.

I think the government has done the right thing by legalizing these bars which definitely will reduce the number of those poor girls , who for fulfilling the basic needs of their family trades their flesh or better to say enters in the field of prostitution . And these bars also will generate revenue for the government and these girls can also contribute to the economy of their country.

But yes government also should make some rules and regulations to ensure the safety of these girls and keep them away from any sort of exploitation by :-

Making owners accountable for dance bars. Keep minors out, enforce timings, make frequent checks to ensure the girls are not being exploited. It won’t be easy but cancelling licences and heavy fines for offences may also help and also the basic wages should also be decided by government so any poor dancer should not be financially exploited .

And I also appeal to the educated group of our economy to please stop thinking like some stereotype jerks and accept these girls as a part of our society because at the end of the day they are also doing the same thing  we people do, providing support to their family and every night dreaming about better future.

Ankit Sharma

SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015