Skills to Excel

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Published On: August 29, 2020Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Skills to Excel

An online guest lecture was conducted on Saturday, 8th August to upskill and make the students industry ready to face the competitive business world. The main motto of this lecture was to impart knowledge so that the students can utilize their utmost potential and be successful.
The lecture was taken by Mr. Kalpesh Vyas who is an entrepreneur, great mentor, influential speaker, blogger, excellent leader and also a YouTuber and is working in one of the largest petrochemical complexes for the last 23 years. He started his entrepreneurship journey 13 years ago while honing different skills like entrepreneurship, leadership and communication skills on his path. His mission is to add values in people’s lives through his knowledge.
The session commenced with Mr. Vyas steering towards the importance of skills which are essential for a better future and highlighting the notion that how necessary practical knowledge is to thrive in this world. The skills honed shall be the distinguishing features.
He told the students the importance of a mentor in one’s life and how a mentor can explore the blind spot where all the progress and potential are hidden. With some real-life examples, he explained the Pareto principle which essentially means that one can start from scratch and make it big. He passed on tips like to keep reading self-help books and to associate with aspiring individuals to attain success.
He communicated the importance of “WHY” and how it will eventually deal with “HOW”. He emphasised upon the importance of having a goal and to keep on the right track to achieve it. As without a goal life is meaningless. He shed some light upon how the amalgamation of opportunity (seizing and making most out of it), attitude (believe in oneself), action (management of our activity), preparation would help us to get lucky and be successful. He explained how SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely) is critical in life to be successful.
Towards the end he encouraged the students to use and invest time appropriately as these little choices in life compound to bigger accomplishments. He then mentioned Extra Mile Mentality which means that every successful person has the mentality to return and contribute favourably to the world.
He then emboldened the students to ask questions and answered them in detail which certainly helped the students to realise their true potential and introspect. Overall, it was an insightful and motivational session. The learning experience was profound with real-time scenarios.