Building an Extraordinary Career

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Published On: August 20, 2020Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Building an Extraordinary Career

In times like today, where we have uncertainty looming over us, we need to make use of every opportunity available to us in every aspect of our lives. One area that we all pay significant attention to are our careers. In order to help us along the journey of building an extraordinary career, Ms. Anurakta Mohanti addressed students on various ways we can build our own personal brand and what skills are required in order to succeed at our chosen careers.

The session was an interactive one from the get go. Ms. Anurakta spoke about the various sectors which have been impacted by the global pandemic (Hospitality, Sports and Travel to name a few) and shed light on the sectors that are poised to see job growth (IT and Healthcare), to this she added that as students of IT Business Management, we are well positioned to take challenges head on as and when they arrive.

Ms. Anurakta shared her views on the three important areas that one needs to succeed in their careers by enumerating them as follows:

  1. The Head and the Heart: This area considers an individual’s why, their core values and deal with the identification of limitations; enabling us to remove them form our path. This area is also concerned with the use of affirmations; turning our beliefs into reality.
  2. Walk and Talk: This area emphasizes on one’s communication skills, the importance of professional grooming and positivity as an important addition.
  3. Proof of Pudding: This area focuses on setting SMART goals, effectively networking in order to push your limits and building trust.

Ms. Anurakta concluded by maintaining that in order to truly succeed in developing and maintaining an extraordinary career one must incorporate a healthy balance of the above mentioned three areas and derive the most value you can out of it on an ongoing basis.