How to start your startup

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Published On: August 31, 2020Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on How to start your startup

If one looks around and observes carefully, one would find many ideas which can become the base for one ‘s business opportunities. Having an idea that can sell and working on it, is a different story, so to share the speaker’s journey of being an entrepreneur and to help others aspirants who want to enter in the entrepreneur world, a guest lecture as a part of e-talk guest lecture series was organized in SCIT on 1st August 2020 on the topic “How to start your startup”.

The speaker for the event was Mr. Sahil Shah, a TEDx speaker and the CEO of Netsavvies and Hungrito.Hungrito is an online platform for discovering best food in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He is a social media strategist and a digital marketer too.

He shared his experience on how he started Hungrito. Since, he is a foodie, a brilliant idea struck to him. It focused on making people aware which are the best places in Ahmedabad to eat and he started it online. He and his team gave their best efforts to reach where they are today in terms of the online platform.

He talked about the Japanese recipe IKIGAI to be a successful entrepreneur. It’s a way of living, a lifestyle where one could find a balance where one’s passion and talent would create something that the world needs and is willing to pay for.

He explained how one can find out what one is passionate about, figure out a way to express it, because when one works on something one loves, one works on the details to make it a masterpiece. In this case, the person will work willingly with full strength, for it. Later, blending one’s idea with something the world requires and it won’t feel like one is doing a job rather one would feel content while working on it. And when one is able to sell that idea, people are going to pay for the element one has put into it which makes it unique.

He encouraged students to look beyond the field if one has any idea which one thinks can be disruptive. However, if it is not in one’s forte, one can always find people to understand and look after the technicalities. So, it not advised to stop an idea becoming a reality just because one lacks some specific skill.

On an ending note, the speaker discussed regarding networking and how important it is in the business world. He also addressed the queries of the students in a succinct manner which helped students to get deeper insights about starting a startup.