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The most common risk that a teenager nowadays is prone to is addiction to drugs. Nowadays we find every second youngster smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. Most of the road accidents are caused due to drinking and driving. Although government had banned this but still people tend to enjoy doing drinking driving and then eventually result in accidents. Cigarettes and alcohol both contain harmful ingredients which cause harm to our body and can even cause death. Cigarette packets come with a statutory warning on it saying smoking causes lung cancer but still people dont take the warning seriously.
Cocaine is one of the most common drugs used nowadays. This dangerous drug is responsible for more emergency room visits than any other drug. Its negative impacts has impacts both on body organs and also on family and friends. Even inhaling smoke as a passive smoker is injurious to health and can cause much damage. Cocaine acts quite rapidly on brain cells. It interferes with the nerves in brain and keeps brain chemicals from being properly absorbed. Cocaine use may also bring feelings of restlessness, irritability, anxiety, panic and paranoia. Long term use amy also result in kidney failure.

Heroine being a derivative of poppy plant is another dangerous drug. This drug is actually a very powerful addictive. It is the most abused drug in its class, doctors claim users have an increased risk of acquiring several communicable diseases such as HIV. Using heroine for a long time causes bruising, collapsed veins, bacterial infections, arthritis. Initially injecting heroine will result in great pleasure, the skin will feel warm and their will be a heavy feeling in the arms and legs. But eventually the user has to go through lots of suffering. The longer you use it the more addictive you will get.

People should be stopped from using such kind of drugs which causes so much damage to oneself and can even take away one’s life. The government should have strict orders against the use and sale of such kind of drugs. Removal of such poisons will then help us saving many innocent lives.

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