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Published On: July 20, 2016Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Samaarambh’16

Samarambh which means ceremony actually inculcates the spirit of celebration in the soul of all the students who have joined SCIT. It is the most awaited event among the students as it gives them the platform to showcase their talent in the very beginning of their MBA journey. Samarambh brings together the SCIT family. This is where the fun lays after all the induction programmes that each and every newly admitted student of SCIT had to go through.

Samarambh’16 was completely entertaining and loaded with brilliant performances. The new comers, seniors and staff members thoroughly enjoyed the event and the auditorium was reverberating with whistles, claps and hoo-has.Samarambh catered to every taste, the various performances kept the audience entranced completely. It was this event where talent met opportunity and wonderful things happened.

The glimpse of various performances of Samarambh is as follows

Dance performances included classicalBharatanatyam dance to Bollywood numbers, MJ dance to Fusion of classical and western dance. Dance performances were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. The dancers made the crowd jump from their seats and move their body a bit. SCIT can boast about the electrifying dance performances which made the crowd go berserk.

Skit performances inspired the audience with thoughtful messages.One performance was titled as Cholay which was very hilarious as it depicted the IT world’s testing and development cycle with the Sholay effect. Second skit performance was a MIME with two strong messages of driving with helmet on and self-defence for women. It was one of the best performances of Samarambh’16. The skit performances in particular stand out in a way that these teamsshow how entertainment can not only showcase talents, but also tell a meaningful story.

One of the major attractions was musical band performances. The crowd was mellowed and pleased with songs like “pehla Nasha”, “Gunjasha hai Koi Ek Tara” and “Jo bheji thi Dua” and later on the crowd went berserk with songs like “Chainya chainya” and “Rolling in the deep” and they started animatedly singing along with the performer. Last but not the least of Samarambh’16, compering— which was very well done by the studentsand the crowd was engrossed with shayeris, poems, jokes and merrymaking.

Samarambh’16 ensured that every soul in the auditorium was sated and was left with a feeling that why it ended so soon. It brought people together and we got to see an array of talents which we never saw before.Samarambh’16 was not only successful but undoubtedly appreciated amongst many people who came to see it. Samarambh ’16 transformed the information and technology centre into a barrel of refreshing revelry and merrymaking.