International Yoga Day

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It was the morning of 21st June –the International Yoga Day. Symbiosis had arranged yoga session for all the students in our campus. Yoga which has its origin in ancient India is not just exercise but also accommodates religion, philosophy and practises. We had two wonderful preachers-Ms.Sujata and Ms.Jyoti for the program who inculcated us with the importance and benefits of Yoga for a healthy mind and body. Ms Sujata has been Yoga consultant for almost a decade teaching yoga and mind management techniques where she emphasizes the need of mind and body collaboration.Ms.Jyoti who has been practising yoga since 1998 have learnt to practise yoga with more awareness, proper alignments, teach yoga with precise instructions and develop the same spirit of awareness in others.

The session began with a Short film on Yoga by Symbiosis and then the compere invited one of the Directors to initiate the proceedings. After the welcome address by the Director, we all stood for Yoga pledge. The Yoga trainers then started with the session where they illuminated a unique technique of staying fit and resisting common health issues like back-ache and knee pain through desk Yoga. It was a fun learning experience. The day also marked the introduction of desk Yoga practices flashing at regular intervals on PCs of Symbiosis which reminds students and faculty of avoiding long hours of being immobile and rising from chairs to do few easy stretches and moves which definitely aids in staying active and on the toes. So, international Yoga Day celebration echoed-