Outbound programme experience

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Outbound Program itself states where we can enjoy in outdoor and even that’s what we did it to the peaks.Usually during our
Graduation we had experienced lot of fun programs but this is the first time in my life I enjoyed to the peaks.After two days of Induction the next one in Curriculum is SuryaSibhir (Outbound program) I thought we need to get up and go for some sort of yoga classes but that was not the picture here.

We woke up at 6 A.M and got fresh ed up Faculty took the roll call at 7 A.M and boarded in to the bus. It took around 3 hours to reach the fun spot (SuryaSibhir) . Once we reached there we came to know that Suryasibhir is managed by a Volunteer body most of them are from Armed forces.They asked us to get dressed up for Fun Activities and gather at open Assembly hall where they divided us in to Eight groups each with equal number of boys and girls.It’s a two day program one day will be for Trekking and the other one for the Fun Activities in the Compound itself.They asked first four groups to come for Trekking and the remaining for Fun Activities where our group is also one of the remaining four groups.

We played around Eight Activities where we had fun and learnt lessons too.Some Activities deal with Team building and some with applying tricks,Trust so on what not it’s an all mixture of fun and lessons and even the food is great too.We are tired with the activities till 5 P.M So, they asked us to fresh up and report here at 6 P.M where each group need to prove their talent with their respective skills.I never thought my peers are that active but after three hours of the show I came to know that SCIT is bag of Multi Talented not Mono talented . We had dinner and the day ended.

Next day Trekking for us we started around 7 A.M enjoying the nature taking selfies.Suryasibhir Team use to say come on we can have Berries,Mango’s on the top of the hill to keep us Active.We took breaks seldom and enjoyed the berries by climbing the Trees and plucking them like children.At last we reached back to suryasibhir by 10 A.M had break fast and then continued with other activities where we got lot of Info about Peers with competitions.We boarded bus at 4 P.M to return College.

I want to say One Line about this Program We came to know a lot about our peers in two days which will otherwise can take
two years or even more than that for this sort of INTERACTION and may be that’s the reason why SCIT added this Program in Curriculum.